Hello, there. My name is Kirti Vardhan Rathore and I am a Masters student in Computer Science at Dartmouth College.

I enjoy discussing about *nix systems, design patterns, security, Tolkien, education and Full metal alchemist.

Currently working on

An exploration into how Xposed hooks into ART

Check it out here


BinderFilter is a Linux kernel message firewall for Android. Instrumented the kernel to achieve full mediation on all messages passed. Provided tools to visualize IPC on Wireshark or as nice granular graphs.

VPN from the scratch

Me and another student set out to implement a VPN from the scratch. We created a TUN interface based virtual network and remote machines could ssh into each other if they were on the same network. The VPN server was hosted on a raspberry pi.

An open source song comparison tool

Audio fingerprinting to find how similiar two songs are. An interesting use case was the Led Zeppelin v/s Tarus plagiarism lawsuit. I used a parallelizable FFT based fingerprinting algorithm based on Shazam’s paper, with some significant modifications. The fun part was running the FFT based algorithm on our CS cluster at Dartmouth. The results have been encouraging.